The do’s and don’ts When Using Contact Lens

In using contact lenses, there are things you need to consider, rules to religiously follow and be cautious about to prevent any unnecessary and unwanted mistakes and accidents. If you are a newbie, then it is much more helpful for you to find out and know more before you further your exploration about contact lenses.

DON’T share it
Though sharing is another form of loving, please don’t apply it to your contact lenses. There should be no such thing as sharing when it comes to your contact lenses. If you could not yet afford to buy contact lenses, then don’t wear it instead of borrowing it. The same principles should be applied when your neighbors ask such favor.

DO care
Taking care of your contact lenses is a must. Take appropriate measures in cleaning, disinfecting and inspecting it. Just imagine you’re doing it with your very own eyes. We cared about our eyes, don’t we? Thus, it should be proper not to wear or put anything in it that can harm it or cause us unfortunate accidents.

DON’T wear it if you’re having your sore eyes
If you have sore eyes or any other complications concerning your eyes, it is much better to have your eyes take rest. Don’t irritate it by pushing to wear contact lenses. If you wish to hide your sore eyes through contact lenses, then it is not a good idea. Try other alternatives and make sure you are well enough before using it again.

DO have fun!
With your contact lenses and happy colors, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the experience with it.

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