Prescription and Plano Color Contacts

There are varieties of contact lenses you can choose from especially when you are preparing for an event. There could be more than just plain colored contact lenses especially when we’re talking about Halloween parties and other more character parties that you are required or love to attend.

Thus, here are the prescription color and Plano color contact lenses you can choose from. But first, what is a prescription color contact? It is the type of lenses which helps you correct your myopia if you are nearsighted, hyperopia if you are farsighted, and astigmatism as well as correcting or enhancing your eye color.

The Plano color contacts, on the other hand, are purely for cosmetics purposes which help you enhance your appearance by making your eyes look good with different colors.

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More Customized Contact Lenses

If you are the type who is more comfortable having your things customized and accustomed to your needs and desires, then there are manufacturing companies which are more than willing to cater your needs and caprices. For a more individualist people, customized stuff, contact lenses, in particular, can bring them exceptional joy and satisfaction. And manufacturers truly believe and understand this need by such segmented market. Thus, custom tints are created. It comes with varieties of colors as well as different variations of styles and designs to cater such specific market. They are semi-translucent which creates more appeal for a natural look and even hides eye injury and helps you gain a look of having a healthy pupil.

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More Questions About Contact Lenses

Using contact lenses especially when you’re still a starter could have so many confusions and inquiries that line up in your mind. You have so many questions that needed answers and we truly understand that part. You are open-minded enough to try something that is way beyond your comfort zones. It is a good thing but the thought of being reckless just because you’re a beginner is unforgivable. Thus, better to have careful research, learn the basics, and know every corner of it before trying it out instead of just jumping to it.

Here are the things you need to know about contact lenses.

Is it safe?

Color contact lens, in particular, is safe as long as it is carefully managed and prescribed. Thus, it is important to you to first see your doctor before trying to do anything.

Does it need a prescription?

In the US, all contact lenses needed to be approved by FDA regardless of its purpose, thus needed a prescription in buying it.

Therefore, if you are planning to buy contact lenses, always make sure that your sources are legitimate enough to make such transactions and services with you.

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The do’s and don’ts When Using Contact Lens

In using contact lenses, there are things you need to consider, rules to religiously follow and be cautious about to prevent any unnecessary and unwanted mistakes and accidents. If you are a newbie, then it is much more helpful for you to find out and know more before you further your exploration about contact lenses.

DON’T share it
Though sharing is another form of loving, please don’t apply it to your contact lenses. There should be no such thing as sharing when it comes to your contact lenses. If you could not yet afford to buy contact lenses, then don’t wear it instead of borrowing it. The same principles should be applied when your neighbors ask such favor.

DO care
Taking care of your contact lenses is a must. Take appropriate measures in cleaning, disinfecting and inspecting it. Just imagine you’re doing it with your very own eyes. We cared about our eyes, don’t we? Thus, it should be proper not to wear or put anything in it that can harm it or cause us unfortunate accidents.

DON’T wear it if you’re having your sore eyes
If you have sore eyes or any other complications concerning your eyes, it is much better to have your eyes take rest. Don’t irritate it by pushing to wear contact lenses. If you wish to hide your sore eyes through contact lenses, then it is not a good idea. Try other alternatives and make sure you are well enough before using it again.

DO have fun!
With your contact lenses and happy colors, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the experience with it.

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Knowing the Types of Contact Lenses

The primary purpose of our contact lenses is to make our eyes look beautiful with different experimented colors we’re curious to try on without leaving the part wherein it should still have to look natural all the way. Well, that’s for some since others don’t mind if the colors may be against all the odds. But for the benefit of the majority, contact lenses have different kinds of tints you need to explore with for you to be able to know what exactly you may need in times you desperately wanted to look something you wish and crave to portray.

The opaque tint
This type of tint is a non-transparent one which can be used by people who has darker shade eyes to achieve a clearly vibrant look and to completely change your outward look. This may also help to achieve a look far different from what is expected of you or if you wish to have a big change in you or if you’re just simply trying out different colors. It comes with violet, blue, amethyst, green, hazel and more fun colors to try on!

The enhancing tint
This type of tint helps you enhance the natural colors of your eyes. It is solid but a see-through tint which is way darker than a visibility tint.

The visibility tint
Visibility tints are so light and transparent that it usually have no much effect on the colors of your eyes.

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Highest Manufacturing Standards for Contact Lenses are here!

Fresh Tone colored contact lenses has the highest manufacturing standards. They are made keeping in mind certain aspects. Some of them are as follows:

  1. They should not influence the real eye color;
  2. It should not affect the visibility of the wearer and
  3. It should not cause any kind of infection to the eyes.

These are made as non-prescription lenses, which means that anybody can wear these lenses, regardless good is the eyesight of the person who wants to wear it. Depending on what you are looking for, how you want to have your final look, you can buy your contact lenses from

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Contact Lenses Aren’t Only for the Celebrities

The contact lenses they are not only for the celebrities and for models, rather they are now accessible to the common people as well. Several online franchises offer safe and budget friendly colored contact lenses in large variety. Fresh Tone is one of such leading online shopping website that offers colored contact lenses. The lenses by Fresh Tone are healthy, breathable, can be worn by anyone and affordable. If you have a certain eye color but wish to look different then colored eye lenses are the answer for you. Just visit Fresh Tone and select the pair of lenses that best suit you and your budget. For more see

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