Knowing the Types of Contact Lenses

The primary purpose of our contact lenses is to make our eyes look beautiful with different experimented colors we’re curious to try on without leaving the part wherein it should still have to look natural all the way. Well, that’s for some since others don’t mind if the colors may be against all the odds. But for the benefit of the majority, contact lenses have different kinds of tints you need to explore with for you to be able to know what exactly you may need in times you desperately wanted to look something you wish and crave to portray.

The opaque tint
This type of tint is a non-transparent one which can be used by people who has darker shade eyes to achieve a clearly vibrant look and to completely change your outward look. This may also help to achieve a look far different from what is expected of you or if you wish to have a big change in you or if you’re just simply trying out different colors. It comes with violet, blue, amethyst, green, hazel and more fun colors to try on!

The enhancing tint
This type of tint helps you enhance the natural colors of your eyes. It is solid but a see-through tint which is way darker than a visibility tint.

The visibility tint
Visibility tints are so light and transparent that it usually have no much effect on the colors of your eyes.

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