Freshtone Joins the Celebration of Diyandi Festival, a local festive celebration in Iligan City, Philippines

Iligan City, Philippines, September 28, 2017: Lauro Villegas, a Diyandi Festival dancer enjoys clearer, stunning look with Freshtone Gray Blends Contact Lenses when he finally decided to quit using his conventional thick eyeglasses. Villegas, one of the Diyandi Festival dancers shows his great gratitude of receiving free colored contact lenses. As Freshtone joins the joyous celebration of Diyandi Festival all the way to the Philippines the Freshtone team decided to give Lauro Villegas his very first colored contact lenses.

“We are fortunate that we are able to arrive just in time to their city. We are able to watch their street dancing parade,” one of the Freshtone said as they narrate their visit to the Philippines.

Villegas took his precious effort to share his story in a voice message sent on Freshtone website.

“I was really, really surprised then but very, very happy that Freshtone team decides to come and join our local city festival in the Philippines as headed to my request to invite them,” Villegas said. “The Freshtone knows my hesitation to buy contact lenses on their online store as I worry it might be bad for my eyesight and though they confirmed to me via customer support email that all the contact lenses they sell are safe to use these don’t convince me to ditch away my old reading glasses and switch to their fashionable contact lenses.”

Freshtone team recommended sugar gray blends shades to help Villegas look not only stunning and fashionable but also elegant. Sugar gray blends complement his fair complexion greatly, giving Villegas more confident that a dancer needs compare to wearing his glasses he used in the past.

“Villegas is so cordial when he sent an invitation to our team to visit the Philippines, particularly in their local city who at then preparing for the approaching festival celebration,” on side of Freshtone team. “We see this invitation to personally see him, as one of our future online buyers and see his concern about his glasses so we gladly accept it. Not only we were able to address his issues and able to advise him personally with regards to the proper hygienic handling of contact lenses, more and more young people from their local city and district are realizing the benefits of wearing contact lenses to have the trendy look that our society demands without compromising their eyesight. We understand why some people, not only those whose works are related to the public appearance and is a netizen who actively participate on an online forum would want to look his best. We are just very pleased that we give him his first free colored contact lenses along with our participation in their local festival events.

Villegas is a Filipino graduating student of MSU-IIT, also member of KASAMA cultural dance group also shares his stories with his classmates and friends.

“I love seeing his face now. His new colored contact lens really upgrades his look. He looks more handsome than my favorite Hollywood celebrity,” Anna, confessed to Freshtone team when asked about how she feels about her friend’s new look. Anna, Villegas female close friend is fashionable and trendy.

“I love it and I want to wear colored contact lenses now!” She excited added. Her principles in life include living it to the fullest and enjoying new good things that life could offer. According to her, not only she loves fashion that’s why she give hours in front of the mirror to enhance her beauty but what she like most about looking more than an average is that you are confident to face any situation and that you are not anxious knowing that people look at you and you are aware and fully convinced too, yourself that you look just amazing.

“It’s giving their effort to glance at you worth it!” She jokingly added.

On personal life, Villegas is a good son and a young business partner and marketer at Kasse Kisses, a local cafe where students enjoy their class-breaks over a cup of cappuccino with free wifi and ample of free books to read on the shelves.

“Thank you, Freshtone team for your generosity of giving me my first colored contact lens. Thank you. I never expected this day really happen. I had you around here with us, in our country,” Villegas final say on his email to Freshtone website.

Diyandi Festival of Iligan, Philippines may end we turned our calendar to welcome the month of October, the memories of the Freshtone team to this cordial and festive visit of their Diyandi Festival event with Lauro Villegas family, and friends in the City of Waterfalls of Southern Mindanao shall forever be engraved in our hearts.

Freshtone team also took this opportunity to give their message of appreciation to the local city dwellers of Iligan. “We wish the proud people of Iligan City a Very Happy Fiesta to All and may God continue to shower His blessings and guidance to your lovely city. Thank you for having us and accommodating us during our visit. Thank you for the heart-warming welcome and beautiful memories you shared with us. We hope to come back to your place,” Freshtone’s message.

More about Freshtone:

For over decades now, Freshtone is committed to bringing fashion in the most innovative way and helps in providing clearer vision to their client throughout the web. Desiring to give their client the confident and trendy look like a family would support, Freshtone and his team offer multitude shades of colored contact lenses such as Freshtone Natural Blends, Freshtone Premiums, Freshtone Yearly Lenses, Freshtone Super Natural Opaques, Halloween Contact Lenses, and Icolour Semi Permanent Eye Drops. Committed to having their customer’s concern as their top priority Freshtone offers rewards programs such as Refer a Friend, Give Review, Accepting a Friend’s Referral, Birthday Gift, Cart Booster, Facebook Like, Loyalty Rewards and Sign-up Bonus. Visit Freshtone online

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Everything You Need To Know About Contact Lenses

Whether you have a vision problem or simply wanting to look cool, you can wear contact lenses. This is because contact lenses are so versatile and have a wide variety that even those you do not have eye vision problem can wear them as part of fashion. But before one decide whether to wear contact lenses there are the things you need to know and understand about it.

1.Why people wear contact lenses?
2. What are the various types of contact lenses?
3. How to take care of your eye’s health and your contact lenses?

Here are the 5 common factors why people wear contact lenses:

1. Lifestyle

This is one of the factors that affect one’s decision to wear contact lenses since it contact lenses comes elegant and gives you a welcoming aura than wearing a glasses. Some say they switch to contact lenses because they look nerdy or silly with eyeglasses.

2. Comfort and Convenience

When you go out and participate sports activity with your friends, wearing contact lenses proves to be more comfortable and convenient because it doesn’t get in the way. And since contact lenses don’t fog when the weather becomes hot then gets cold, it is more comfortable to wear.

3. Resources

Well, if you have the budget it is your personal choice to wear contact lenses. For those who have a vision problem but frugal on their expenses, he would be more likely to wear eyeglasses since contact lenses are costly in the long run.

4. Fashion and Esthetic

Thanks to the modern technology nowadays that even those people whose prime method of correcting their sight is through wearing eyeglasses can now wear contact lenses that are suitable for their needs. And for those who prefer to wear contact lenses over glasses because they don’t feel outdated, make sure to give your eyes a break once in awhile.

5. Vision Problem

Blurred vision, near and farsightedness and other eyesight problem can be corrected with the help of the contact lenses. However, those who wear it for this purpose are supported prescription from their ophthalmologist.
The 3 Types of Contact Lenses:

Soft Contact Lenses

These are the type of contact lenses that comfortable to use in daily. They can also correct vision problems like myopia, astigmatism, and hyperopia. These type of contact lenses too can be wear even on extended hours. But it is not recommended that you wear it in bed due to the high possibility that it would irritate your eyes or cause dry eyes. There are disposable types of soft contact lenses, too. Contact lenses that are prescribed to be worn only for some period of time, say a week or a month then you do not need it after such span of time

Hard and Rigid Contact Lenses

Rigid and hard contact lenses are individually customized contact lenses, fit according to one’s need. There’s a lot advantage of this type of contact lenses compared to soft contact lenses.

What are they?
1. It comes in a breathable design, allowing necessary amount of oxygen for your eye’s health.

2. It is durable and would not be broken since it is made out from a firm plastic fiber.

3. They are healthy for your eyes.

But what is the BIG but?
But, you would be more likely to complain on your first weeks of using it since it makes you uncomfortable but once you pass through that stage of uneasiness, rigid contact lenses are more comfortable than soft ones.

Special Contact Lenses

Special contact lenses are the bifocal contact lenses, toric contact lenses, prosthetic contact lenses. These are also the contact lenses that correct special cases of eye ailments. Cases like double vision also known as diplopia fall under these special cases and thus, need special contact lenses.

Caring Both Your Eyes and Your Contact Lenses

Regardless of the type of contact lenses you use, knowing how to take care of your lenses extends the longevity of it and safeguards your eyes from redness and infection. Since taking care of your lenses correlates the health of your eyes, there are ways to properly take care of both your eyes and lenses.

1. Clean your hands from any dirt, perfume, oil before touching your eyes or your contact lenses.

2. Wear your nails short so it won’t damage the lenses of your contact lenses.

3. If you go for a swim, removing a makeup better remove first your contact lenses. Usage of any spray should be done first before you put your contact lenses.

4. Ask your ophthalmologist for a cleaning solution for your contact lenses if you are not okay with disinfectant solution.

5. Be hygienic on the cases of your contact lenses. Sterilize it and let it dry.

6. Never wear contact lenses without having a checkup. As much as it can correct vision it can bring damage as well.

7. Unless you wear extended contact lenses, do not fall asleep while wearing contact lenses.

8. Protect yourself from sun’s heat. Use hat or sunglasses, eyes are more sensitive to light exposure when it wears contacts.

9. Visit your doctor if you feel a sudden change in your vision, irritation, pain or any strange feeling that you shouldn’t normally experience. Comply with your doctor’s advice.

Now, that you’ve already had an in-depth understanding of the pros and cons of wearing contact lenses and you’d still prefer to get one, visit They have more on-sale items of different colored contact lenses and they deliver for free worldwide.

Why Freshtone?

Freshtone is an online store for beautiful and colored contact lenses. They also have installment options and all their lenses are non-prescription. However, even buying for fashionable purpose lenses consult first an eye care specialist. Better to be cautious rather than end hurting our eyes. So, those who want to wear contact lenses, draw your options. What would you like? Contact that is disposable, extended wear or those that could change the color of your eyes?


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Contact Lenses: How about the untold part?

Wearing contact lenses nowadays are no longer a new thing for us. Some use it for its convenience, while others just to adapt to the changing style and fast-pacing fashion which our society requires.

While we do understand that some people shifts from wearing eyeglasses to contact lenses for the reason to look good and for clearer vision, we as well might reconsider those people who uses it to pacify their insecurities to look good and feel good about themselves especially that today’s market offers a number of variations of contact lenses as innovation and technology grows But wearing contact lenses for a sole reason to look good, to change your eye-color s desired at any time of the day you wish to, or to use it to appear more attractive to the opposite sex or to catch and be the center of attention whenever you’re in a big crowd, the question is… is it really a good thing? Is it really worth the effort? Or should I dare to ask, is it really worth for the look?

If one is really unstoppable in trying out this product and insist to use contact lenses even outside the reason for necessity, one must consider several precautions he/she must not take for granted too before doing it – really doing it. Furthermore, the aspiring user should not take things lightly for the possibilities- both positive and negative it may cause since contact lenses are not an ordinary accessory that may come and go but a thing that was invented by man to give convenience and also could harm if not use with complete care.

In order to use contact lenses, you must put it whole into your eyes ensuring that your hands which holding the lenses are well cleaned. Also, there are cases that some contact lenses locally made are substandard that is why you must avoid high-temperature places to avoid the lenses for melting right there in your eyes which may cause infection or other complications to your eyes that might lead to complete loss of sight. You should as well make sure to carefully take it off before falling asleep no matter how much you party all night or how much tired you might be, so no excuse is allowed. You should be a responsible user of your contact lenses, never to neglect the duties/cautions accompanied by it. And before anything else as aforementioned above, one must consider the brand, the manufacturing company or the clinic you planning to get fit or buy these lenses. These only to make sure that the lenses you are going to use are good-quality, never fake or substandard and for you not to be a victim of the bad effects caused by the bad products. If you are planning to buy them online, before making your purchase ensure that source or website is reliable, legit and knowledgeable enough to give you the lenses whether it is prescribed or not. Had you done this way, you have someone to run to, or turn to in case unexpected circumstances may arise in the future.

Using contact lenses may have its own long list of good and bad but no matter how long the list maybe we should balance out the good and bad side of it. We should weigh both sides and not only the positive effect it may bring into our lives for the adage goes, ‘Nothing is scarier than knowing just one side of the story’.


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5 Tips to Maintain Eyes’ Health As You Age

The health of your visual perception also known as your naked eyes must not be taken lightly. Our vision is our most valuable possession and you would never hear anyone wishing to be blind. But there are things that mingle with time like our health so is our vision. Poor vision can seriously impede the quality of our life. Without a clear eyesight, we lose our freedom and pleasure. We struggle to read, recognize faces or see color. Vision impairment among adults caused by cataract and macular disease and diabetes are also associated with our age simply because as we grow older our immune system becomes weaker to resist these degenerative diseases.

Large campaigns from LGU and private units are being launched in order to make us aware of how to avoid and prevent these extremely rampant causes of blindness among aged groups in our society. Free eye consultation centers are being put on even to pharmacy store to ensure that further damage might be prevented. Informative flyers and poster as well as health worker center also administered in every barangays and district to reach even those areas far from cities and to give those population free orientation, tips and access to information to have a attain 20/20 vision.

In order to maintain and protect the health of our eyes as we age here are some tips.

1. Eating the right food

Don’t rely on food supplement to get Vitamins and antioxidant your body needs. Whole and fresh foods like squash, carrot, sweet potatoes and fresh juices, as well as the green leafy vegetables, are the still best sources of vitamins and beta-carotene that are essential for the health of our eyes. They are packed with anti-oxidant that lessens our risk of having a cataract. Liver, milk, eggs are the good source of Vitamin A for good eyesight. The omega-3 fatty acids you can get from salmon and leguminous can reduce dry eyes.

2. Regular Eye Check-up

An ophthalmologist or optometrist would conduct numbers of visual test to evaluate the condition of your eyes. Eye test includes eye muscle test, visual acuity test, and others can highly detect other non-eye related diseases such as high blood pressure, arthritis, and diabetes that if left untaken care of would cause blindness. Since our vision is also a wealth a regular eye check-up- that be at least twice a year, is extremely recommendable for our overall health and well-being.

3. Stay a non-smoker
Quitting a vice needs a lot of determination and really a tough journey, so better not to start smoking in the first place. Your body would thank you a lot if you stay a non-smoker as many complications and illness you get from nicotine aside from giving a tough job for your eyes.

4. Wear sunglasses and hats

Sunglasses that are 99% to 100% UVA and UVB radiation blocker and a wide-brimmed hat are best for hot days. They prevent damaging the surface of your eyes caused by UVA and UVB.

5. Keep your eyes clean

A good reminder for those who wear contact lens. This would reduce redness of your eyes. Some percentage of those who wear contact lenses are improperly informed on the proper way to wear it. If you are not hygienic enough if you wear contact lenses your eyesight might jeopardize.

Before we reach the time when we wished if we can possibly turn back the clock with regrets, let’s do all we can do to maintain our good vision. After all, should your vision be impaired still it is you who much affected.


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How to choose the color of your contact lenses?

The most beautiful and expressive feature of our face is our eyes. Therefore it is only just that it should look clear and attractive. That’s the reason why most women would spend hours in front of their mirror to give it an extra touch to highlight its beauty. They’ve tried to contour their eyebrows and put on makeup to compliment the shade and color of their eyes. All these because they have seen that the proper combination of their makeup as well as the color of their eyes would make them look attractive. They aimed to look beautiful and attractive if they feel they are beautiful, they are more confident. For the same reason, are designed to flaunt your beauty without compromising your eyesight. Contact lenses gain more popularity as time pass by. Many women would consider trying to experiment with contact lenses’ colors to complement with their fashion

The color of your eyes have a different effect to people, thanks to the amazing features of contact lenses you now can make your pupil appear bigger or smaller. Here are tips on what color you should choose according to your skin tone and your hair color.

1. According to your skin tone

For fairer skin, any color of contact lenses won’t look odd on them. Colors like blue, and gray would high potential to make you stand out in the crowd.

For tan women, it is recommended to settle for colors like honey-color, or hazel or green as you need to brighten your eyes more than your skin tone.

For dark skin women, contact lenses with the warm color suit you best but you can always try to other colors if you wish to achieve some level of effect. Just remember not to pick colors like pink or blue as it won’t compliment your skin color.

2. According to your hair color

If you have brown hair, only a few colored contact lenses won’t match your hair color. Most colored contact lenses look dazzling with medium-brown hair.

Black and deep chocolate brown would be perfect for those who have light hair. If you wish to have a caucasian look grey would be nice shades for contact.

A lovely contrast of color if you have dark hair and you wear contact with shades of purple.

Additional information

The limbal rings also added features to the shade of your contact lenses. This refers to the dark coloring and the pattern along your iris. The different pattern of limbal rings available on the market for contact lenses has the different effect on your face. Some could make you look like you just get out of your bed. Some pursued warmth and sexiness while other look classy and elegant. You can always experiment the limbal ring patterns, match it with your attire and makeup.

The eye is the center of woman’s beauty but sure it is not all that. Even if contact lenses bring out evident positive effect on woman’s beauty it shouldn’t end there. A good rest and a proper hygiene would make you look fresh and blooming.


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Different Contact Lenses

You can choose from different contact lenses, especially when preparing to participate in an case. In addition, it could be more than merely colorful contact lens, especially when talking about Halloween parties and other more people you need and like to be present.

The color prescription and the color contact lenses Plano can be chosen here. First of all, what is the prescription for color contact? It is the type of glasses that assist to correct your myopia when you have an eye impairment, hyperopia, astigmatism and correction or color enhancement.

On the other hand, Plano’s color contacts are designed solely to make your eyes look good in different colors. Visit

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Custom Contact Lenses Customized lenses

When you are the type that fits your needs and desires more comfortably, there are companies that are more than prepared to meet your needs and desires. Custom Contact Lenses Customized lenses and materials can be extremely happy and happy, particularly for individualists. And manufacturers really believe and understand this need for such a segmented market. This produces personalized tints. It comes with variations of colors and different styles and designs for this specific market. They are semi-transpluent and make your student look healthy, and even wrap your eyes. Visit

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Best Shading Contact Lenses

Contact lenses if you are still a starter, you may have many mistakes and issues with the use of contact lenses. We really understand your part with so many problems that you need answers. You are sufficiently open to try anything beyond your comforts. It’s good, but only because you’re amazed you can not forgive. You need to study closely, discover the foundation and comprehend each corner instead of simply slipping into it.

Here’s what you need to know about contact lenses.

Is that safe? Is that safe?

In particular, as long as it is managed and carefully defined, the color contact lens is safe. It is therefore important that you first see your physician before trying.

Do you have to have a prescription?

In the US the FDA had to approve all contact lenses, regardless of their intent.

Therefore, always guarantee that your sources are adequately valid when you plan to buy contact lenses for your operations and services. Visit

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Use Contact Lenses

When you use contact lenses, you must take stuff into account, follow guidelines religiously and take care to prevent unnecessary and unwanted accidents and mistakes. If you are a newbie, it will help you learn and find out more before further exploring contact lenses.

Although share is another way of love, don’t apply it to your contacts, please. There should be no sharing of your contact lenses. Don’t wear them rather than borrow them if you can’t buy contact lenses yet. The same principles should be enforced when your neighbors request this favor.

Please care Your lenses will be a must. Care is an obligation. Take appropriate procedures for cleaning, disinfecting and inspection. Imagine that you are doing it with your own eyes. Well, we haven’t taken care of our eyes? Therefore, nothing that can harm or trigger unfortunate accidents should be prevented from wearing or worning.

If you have a wretched eye or other complex eyelids, eye relaxation is much better if there are a wrathful eye or other issues. Do not create it irritant, push it to wear contact lenses. It’s not a good idea to hide your wretched eyes through contact lenses. Try other alternatives and ensure you are good enough before using them again.

Have fun, have fun, have fun, have fun! Have fun, have fun! Have fun!

Do not forget to have fun with your contact lenses and happy colors and enjoy the experience. Visit

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Contact Lenses

The main aim of our contact lenses is to create our eyes lovely with distinct colors, which we are curious about, without leaving the portion in which it should still look natural. Well, that is because some people don’t care if the colors are contrary to all odds. But in order for most, contact lenses have various types of tints with which you must explore to understand precisely which ones you might have to look at and want to picture in moments when you desperately want to see something.

The opaque tint this sort of tint is non-transparent that individuals with darker shade eyes can use to get a clearly dynamic looking and to alter your outward appearance entirely. This can also assist to get a distinct appearance than you expect, or if you want to make a large difference or if you just try out distinct colors. Violet, blue, amethyst, green, hazel and more colors are available to attempt!

The improvement of tint the nature of the eyes can be enhanced through this sort of tint. It’s strong but a shade that’s far darker than a tint of visibility.

The visibility tint Visibility tints are so light and clear that they don’t generally affect your eyes. Visit

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