Run Bold with Exotic Contact Lens Colors

Gold Sparkle

These contact focal point hues give your eyes a trace of brilliant shimmer to your own characteristic eye shading. So next time you take a gander at somebody from over the room they may not truly have the capacity to take their eyes of your eyes.

Rainbow Illusions

Get splendid eyes straight from the rainbow with these two tone contact focal point hues. You get decision of Rainbow sea blue, dark colored, evergreen, violet, and marble dim.

Azalea 1 Tone

Run super strong with these stunning focal points that have an Azalea and vine design all around the contact focal point. You can get these contact focal point hues in blue, green, hazel, dim, hazel and violet.

Disco Lenses

Presently the time has come to get extraordinary with these focal points. Under the move club dark lights these focal points will gleam! They come in pink, blue, and yellow, orange, green and jellyfish streak. Wow your companions and outsiders when the club lights go down.


You will be colorful with these purple Plano focal points. They are incredible to be worn once in a while and are more curiosity than regular utilize.

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The Short History of Contact Lenses

On the off chance that you are of the view that contact focal points are another innovation, you are misguided the stamp. Leonardo Da Vinci first depicted and outlined his thoughts of contact focal points path in 1508! Be that as it may, it took over 300 years to manufacture and wear them.

Swiss doctor A.E. Fick and Paris optician Edouard Kalt are credited with fitting the principal contact focal points, in the late 1800s, for astigmatism and hyperopia. These overwhelming glass focal points could be utilized for a couple of hours of wear as it were.

Plastic came into utilization in 1936, when William Feinbloom, an optometrist in New York, reached focal points with the focal segment of glass encompassed by plastic in the outskirts that secured the sclera. 1948 saw a Californian optometrist, Kevin Tuohy deliver contact focal points totally made of plastic.

That year, George Butterfield, an optometrist from Oregon, enhanced Kevin Tuohy’s plan with focal points that coordinated the state of the cornea, and would not effectively fly off. These focal points have advanced to the present delicate contact focal points, which are worn by over 90% of the contact focal point wearers in the United States.

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The Advantages of Contact Lenses Over Glasses

Fringe Vision – Contacts give you a more extensive and better fringe vision that glasses. Contact focal points move alongside your eyes and you are continually looking through the clearest part of the focal point – the optic zone. Then again, the edges of the glasses obstruct your fringe vision, and when you move your eyes to the side, you are never again looking through the optical focus, causing obscured and misshaped vision.

Unaffected By Weather – Contact focal points don’t haze up when you find some reprieve, and neither do they get splattered by rain. What’s more, they don’t steam up from body warmth or sweat.

Agreeable – Contact focal points are very agreeable to wear as they don’t squeeze your nose, or rub or press against your ears and sanctuary, not at all like glasses, which, what’s more, slide down your nose when you sweat.

Contact focal points have been a help for youngsters in a single specific sense. They don’t get singled out at school by their companions. This alleviates them from the mental and physical injuries identified with wearing glasses.

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Prescription and Plano Color Contacts

There are varieties of contact lenses you can choose from especially when you are preparing for an event. There could be more than just plain colored contact lenses especially when we’re talking about Halloween parties and other more character parties that you are required or love to attend.

Thus, here are the prescription color and Plano color contact lenses you can choose from. But first, what is a prescription color contact? It is the type of lenses which helps you correct your myopia if you are nearsighted, hyperopia if you are farsighted, and astigmatism as well as correcting or enhancing your eye color.

The Plano color contacts, on the other hand, are purely for cosmetics purposes which help you enhance your appearance by making your eyes look good with different colors.

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More Customized Contact Lenses

If you are the type who is more comfortable having your things customized and accustomed to your needs and desires, then there are manufacturing companies which are more than willing to cater your needs and caprices. For a more individualist people, customized stuff, contact lenses, in particular, can bring them exceptional joy and satisfaction. And manufacturers truly believe and understand this need by such segmented market. Thus, custom tints are created. It comes with varieties of colors as well as different variations of styles and designs to cater such specific market. They are semi-translucent which creates more appeal for a natural look and even hides eye injury and helps you gain a look of having a healthy pupil.

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More Questions About Contact Lenses

Using contact lenses especially when you’re still a starter could have so many confusions and inquiries that line up in your mind. You have so many questions that needed answers and we truly understand that part. You are open-minded enough to try something that is way beyond your comfort zones. It is a good thing but the thought of being reckless just because you’re a beginner is unforgivable. Thus, better to have careful research, learn the basics, and know every corner of it before trying it out instead of just jumping to it.

Here are the things you need to know about contact lenses.

Is it safe?

Color contact lens, in particular, is safe as long as it is carefully managed and prescribed. Thus, it is important to you to first see your doctor before trying to do anything.

Does it need a prescription?

In the US, all contact lenses needed to be approved by FDA regardless of its purpose, thus needed a prescription in buying it.

Therefore, if you are planning to buy contact lenses, always make sure that your sources are legitimate enough to make such transactions and services with you.

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The do’s and don’ts When Using Contact Lens

In using contact lenses, there are things you need to consider, rules to religiously follow and be cautious about to prevent any unnecessary and unwanted mistakes and accidents. If you are a newbie, then it is much more helpful for you to find out and know more before you further your exploration about contact lenses.

DON’T share it
Though sharing is another form of loving, please don’t apply it to your contact lenses. There should be no such thing as sharing when it comes to your contact lenses. If you could not yet afford to buy contact lenses, then don’t wear it instead of borrowing it. The same principles should be applied when your neighbors ask such favor.

DO care
Taking care of your contact lenses is a must. Take appropriate measures in cleaning, disinfecting and inspecting it. Just imagine you’re doing it with your very own eyes. We cared about our eyes, don’t we? Thus, it should be proper not to wear or put anything in it that can harm it or cause us unfortunate accidents.

DON’T wear it if you’re having your sore eyes
If you have sore eyes or any other complications concerning your eyes, it is much better to have your eyes take rest. Don’t irritate it by pushing to wear contact lenses. If you wish to hide your sore eyes through contact lenses, then it is not a good idea. Try other alternatives and make sure you are well enough before using it again.

DO have fun!
With your contact lenses and happy colors, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the experience with it.

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