The Short History of Contact Lenses

You are mistaken. In 1508, Leonardo Da Vinci first described and illustrated his views on the direction of touch focal points! Whatever it may be, making and wearing them took over 300 years.

Swiss physician A.E. Optician Fick and Paris Edouard Kalt are credited with astigmatism and hyperopia to match the main touch focal points in the late 1800s. Such daunting glass focal points could be used as they were for a few hours of use.

Plastic came into use in 1936, when New York optometrist William Feinbloom hit focal points with the plastic outskirts focal section of glass that protected the sclera. In 1948, Kevin Tuohy, a Californian optometrist, produced contact points made entirely of plastic.

That year, Oregon-based optometrist George Butterfield upgraded Kevin Tuohy’s plan with focal points that coordinated the cornea’s state and wouldn’t fly off effectively. Such focal points have evolved to the present sensitive contact focal points, worn by more than 90 percent of U.S. contact focal point wearers. Visit

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