Freshtone Joins the Celebration of Diyandi Festival, a local festive celebration in Iligan City, Philippines

Iligan City, Philippines, September 28, 2017: Lauro Villegas, a Diyandi Festival dancer enjoys clearer, stunning look with Freshtone Gray Blends Contact Lenses when he finally decided to quit using his conventional thick eyeglasses. Villegas, one of the Diyandi Festival dancers shows his great gratitude of receiving free colored contact lenses. As Freshtone joins the joyous celebration of Diyandi Festival all the way to the Philippines the Freshtone team decided to give Lauro Villegas his very first colored contact lenses.

“We are fortunate that we are able to arrive just in time to their city. We are able to watch their street dancing parade,” one of the Freshtone said as they narrate their visit to the Philippines.

Villegas took his precious effort to share his story in a voice message sent on Freshtone website.

“I was really, really surprised then but very, very happy that Freshtone team decides to come and join our local city festival in the Philippines as headed to my request to invite them,” Villegas said. “The Freshtone knows my hesitation to buy contact lenses on their online store as I worry it might be bad for my eyesight and though they confirmed to me via customer support email that all the contact lenses they sell are safe to use these don’t convince me to ditch away my old reading glasses and switch to their fashionable contact lenses.”

Freshtone team recommended sugar gray blends shades to help Villegas look not only stunning and fashionable but also elegant. Sugar gray blends complement his fair complexion greatly, giving Villegas more confident that a dancer needs compare to wearing his glasses he used in the past.

“Villegas is so cordial when he sent an invitation to our team to visit the Philippines, particularly in their local city who at then preparing for the approaching festival celebration,” on side of Freshtone team. “We see this invitation to personally see him, as one of our future online buyers and see his concern about his glasses so we gladly accept it. Not only we were able to address his issues and able to advise him personally with regards to the proper hygienic handling of contact lenses, more and more young people from their local city and district are realizing the benefits of wearing contact lenses to have the trendy look that our society demands without compromising their eyesight. We understand why some people, not only those whose works are related to the public appearance and is a netizen who actively participate on an online forum would want to look his best. We are just very pleased that we give him his first free colored contact lenses along with our participation in their local festival events.

Villegas is a Filipino graduating student of MSU-IIT, also member of KASAMA cultural dance group also shares his stories with his classmates and friends.

“I love seeing his face now. His new colored contact lens really upgrades his look. He looks more handsome than my favorite Hollywood celebrity,” Anna, confessed to Freshtone team when asked about how she feels about her friend’s new look. Anna, Villegas female close friend is fashionable and trendy.

“I love it and I want to wear colored contact lenses now!” She excited added. Her principles in life include living it to the fullest and enjoying new good things that life could offer. According to her, not only she loves fashion that’s why she give hours in front of the mirror to enhance her beauty but what she like most about looking more than an average is that you are confident to face any situation and that you are not anxious knowing that people look at you and you are aware and fully convinced too, yourself that you look just amazing.

“It’s giving their effort to glance at you worth it!” She jokingly added.

On personal life, Villegas is a good son and a young business partner and marketer at Kasse Kisses, a local cafe where students enjoy their class-breaks over a cup of cappuccino with free wifi and ample of free books to read on the shelves.

“Thank you, Freshtone team for your generosity of giving me my first colored contact lens. Thank you. I never expected this day really happen. I had you around here with us, in our country,” Villegas final say on his email to Freshtone website.

Diyandi Festival of Iligan, Philippines may end we turned our calendar to welcome the month of October, the memories of the Freshtone team to this cordial and festive visit of their Diyandi Festival event with Lauro Villegas family, and friends in the City of Waterfalls of Southern Mindanao shall forever be engraved in our hearts.

Freshtone team also took this opportunity to give their message of appreciation to the local city dwellers of Iligan. “We wish the proud people of Iligan City a Very Happy Fiesta to All and may God continue to shower His blessings and guidance to your lovely city. Thank you for having us and accommodating us during our visit. Thank you for the heart-warming welcome and beautiful memories you shared with us. We hope to come back to your place,” Freshtone’s message.

More about Freshtone:

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