5 Tips to Maintain Eyes’ Health As You Age

The health of your visual perception also known as your naked eyes must not be taken lightly. Our vision is our most valuable possession and you would never hear anyone wishing to be blind. But there are things that mingle with time like our health so is our vision. Poor vision can seriously impede the quality of our life. Without a clear eyesight, we lose our freedom and pleasure. We struggle to read, recognize faces or see color. Vision impairment among adults caused by cataract and macular disease and diabetes are also associated with our age simply because as we grow older our immune system becomes weaker to resist these degenerative diseases.

Large campaigns from LGU and private units are being launched in order to make us aware of how to avoid and prevent these extremely rampant causes of blindness among aged groups in our society. Free eye consultation centers are being put on even to pharmacy store to ensure that further damage might be prevented. Informative flyers and poster as well as health worker center also administered in every barangays and district to reach even those areas far from cities and to give those population free orientation, tips and access to information to have a attain 20/20 vision.

In order to maintain and protect the health of our eyes as we age here are some tips.

1. Eating the right food

Don’t rely on food supplement to get Vitamins and antioxidant your body needs. Whole and fresh foods like squash, carrot, sweet potatoes and fresh juices, as well as the green leafy vegetables, are the still best sources of vitamins and beta-carotene that are essential for the health of our eyes. They are packed with anti-oxidant that lessens our risk of having a cataract. Liver, milk, eggs are the good source of Vitamin A for good eyesight. The omega-3 fatty acids you can get from salmon and leguminous can reduce dry eyes.

2. Regular Eye Check-up

An ophthalmologist or optometrist would conduct numbers of visual test to evaluate the condition of your eyes. Eye test includes eye muscle test, visual acuity test, and others can highly detect other non-eye related diseases such as high blood pressure, arthritis, and diabetes that if left untaken care of would cause blindness. Since our vision is also a wealth a regular eye check-up- that be at least twice a year, is extremely recommendable for our overall health and well-being.

3. Stay a non-smoker
Quitting a vice needs a lot of determination and really a tough journey, so better not to start smoking in the first place. Your body would thank you a lot if you stay a non-smoker as many complications and illness you get from nicotine aside from giving a tough job for your eyes.

4. Wear sunglasses and hats

Sunglasses that are 99% to 100% UVA and UVB radiation blocker and a wide-brimmed hat are best for hot days. They prevent damaging the surface of your eyes caused by UVA and UVB.

5. Keep your eyes clean

A good reminder for those who wear contact lens. This would reduce redness of your eyes. Some percentage of those who wear contact lenses are improperly informed on the proper way to wear it. If you are not hygienic enough if you wear contact lenses your eyesight might jeopardize.

Before we reach the time when we wished if we can possibly turn back the clock with regrets, let’s do all we can do to maintain our good vision. After all, should your vision be impaired still it is you who much affected.

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