How to choose the color of your contact lenses?

The most beautiful and expressive feature of our face is our eyes. Therefore it is only just that it should look clear and attractive. That’s the reason why most women would spend hours in front of their mirror to give it an extra touch to highlight its beauty. They’ve tried to contour their eyebrows and put on makeup to compliment the shade and color of their eyes. All these because they have seen that the proper combination of their makeup as well as the color of their eyes would make them look attractive. They aimed to look beautiful and attractive if they feel they are beautiful, they are more confident. For the same reason, are designed to flaunt your beauty without compromising your eyesight. Contact lenses gain more popularity as time pass by. Many women would consider trying to experiment with contact lenses’ colors to complement with their fashion

The color of your eyes have a different effect to people, thanks to the amazing features of contact lenses you now can make your pupil appear bigger or smaller. Here are tips on what color you should choose according to your skin tone and your hair color.

1. According to your skin tone

For fairer skin, any color of contact lenses won’t look odd on them. Colors like blue, and gray would high potential to make you stand out in the crowd.

For tan women, it is recommended to settle for colors like honey-color, or hazel or green as you need to brighten your eyes more than your skin tone.

For dark skin women, contact lenses with the warm color suit you best but you can always try to other colors if you wish to achieve some level of effect. Just remember not to pick colors like pink or blue as it won’t compliment your skin color.

2. According to your hair color

If you have brown hair, only a few colored contact lenses won’t match your hair color. Most colored contact lenses look dazzling with medium-brown hair.

Black and deep chocolate brown would be perfect for those who have light hair. If you wish to have a caucasian look grey would be nice shades for contact.

A lovely contrast of color if you have dark hair and you wear contact with shades of purple.

Additional information

The limbal rings also added features to the shade of your contact lenses. This refers to the dark coloring and the pattern along your iris. The different pattern of limbal rings available on the market for contact lenses has the different effect on your face. Some could make you look like you just get out of your bed. Some pursued warmth and sexiness while other look classy and elegant. You can always experiment the limbal ring patterns, match it with your attire and makeup.

The eye is the center of woman’s beauty but sure it is not all that. Even if contact lenses bring out evident positive effect on woman’s beauty it shouldn’t end there. A good rest and a proper hygiene would make you look fresh and blooming.


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