Lens Designs for Conventional GP Lenses: Eye Measurements

Seeing how customary GP focal points are fitted as a feature of a contact focal point eye test will enable you to comprehend the complexities of custom contact focal points. Most eye care experts measure the flow of the front surface of the cornea with an instrument called a keratometer.

The keratometer utilizes light reflections from the cornea to decide the steepest and flattest meridians of the eye. To picture how this functions, envision that the front of the eye resembles the essence of a clock. Custom contacts lens can give more keen vision and more noteworthy solace than customary contact focal points.

The flow and ebb of a traditional GP contact focal point depends on three keratometry estimations: the bend of the flattest meridian, the bend of the steepest meridian of the cornea, and the introduction of the flattest meridian — as it were, regardless of whether the flattest meridian is level, vertical or some place in the middle. Visit http://www.freshtone.com.au

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