Eye Care Tips for Contact Lens Wearers www.freshtone.com.au

Make-up Corner

Applying make-up while wearing contacts is somewhat dangerous – your eye shadow may wind up adhering to your focal points. How to dodge it? Put them on before you begin your make-up schedule, utilize non-allergenic eye-accommodating items, utilize cream as opposed to powder eye shadow – in the event that you pick powder, keep your eyes shut amid the application. Before evacuating your make-up, make a point to expel your focal points first.

Mind How Long You Use Your Lenses

Ensure you don’t wear your focal points longer than you should – contacts for two weeks ought to be worn for two weeks not two months. The soil and protein stores aggregate and can cause eye contaminations, disturbance or even perpetual harm to your eyes.

For more information please visit www.freshtone.com.au

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